1049 – ActivInspire with ClassFlow FAQs

1049 – ActivInspire with ClassFlow FAQs

Applicable to:

  • ActivInspire


  • ClassFlow


Can I use the ClassFlow option in ActivInspire Personal Edition?

The ClassFlow option is only available in ActivInspire Professional Edition. If you are interested in using ClassFlow to prepare and deliver your lessons, visit www.classflow.com where you will find information about importing your existing flipcharts.

Can I use ActivInspire 2.x without using or registering for ClassFlow?

Yes, you can continue to use ActivInspire as you do today. Using ClassFlow will provide you with extra functionality, but it is not required.

Can I use a ClassFlow account that I created using my Facebook, Google or Office365 account?

Yes. Alternately, if you created an account at ClassFlow.com using your email address, you can sign in with those credentials. 

Which devices can I register using the ClassFlow option?

Just about any device can be used as a ClassFlow Student device. Your students can connect to www.classflow.com/student using their computer’s web browser.

Which web browsers are supported by ClassFlow?

The latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. Firefox and Edge are not supported.

How do I register ClassFlow Student devices in ActivInspire 2.x?

Click the Connect button on the ActivInspire menu bar, then register and/or sign in to ClassFlow. Your students should launch their computer or device browser and navigate to www.classflow.com/student. Students should enter their names and the Class Code to join your class.

I’ve clicked Connect. Why is there an error?

Error messages about Internet connectivity indicate that ActivInspire is unable to reach the ClassFlow server. This is usually due to your school’s proxy settings. Open ActivInspire’s Settings menu, select Online Settings and enter your proxy settings.

Do I have to open the Device Registration to register ClassFlow Student devices?

No. Once you sign into ClassFlow via ActivInspire’s Connect button, ClassFlow Student devices can join your class at any time by entering the Class Code. You do not need to have the Device Registration dialog open.

Can I edit the Class Code?

The Class Code is unique and assigned to you automatically. It cannot be edited.

Are all ActivInspire 2.x ExpressPoll questions supported by the ClassFlow Student devices?

ClassFlow Student supports all ExpressPoll question types except Sort in order and multiple responses in a Multiple Choice question.

Will my ExpressPoll results be stored on ClassFlow.com?

No. Results are stored in the flipchart, and ExpressPoll screenshots and results will be added to a new page at the end of the flipchart. Results can be exported to Excel via the Voting Browser.

Can I see ClassFlow Student polling results in ActivInspire?

Yes, when using ClassFlow Student devices registered through ActivInspire, you can see the polling results in the Voting Browser, in the same way you would see ActivExpression and ActivEngage2 results.

Are self-paced questions supported when using the ClassFlow Student devices?

ActivInspire 2.x does not yet support self-paced questions. Support for this feature will be added in a future version. You can continue to use self-paced questions with your ActivExpressions and ActivEngage2 Clients.

Can I use ActivExpression and ActivEngage2 devices with ActivInspire 2.x?

Yes, ActivInspire 2.x supports ActiVote, ActivExpression, ActivEngage2 and ClassFlow Student devices. You can combine ActivExpression, ActivEngage2 and ClassFlow Student devices in ExpressPoll sessions.

Can I import lessons from ClassFlow into ActivInspire 2.x?

ClassFlow currently has no capabilities for exporting its lessons in a format that ActivInspire can use, but you can import ActivInspire flipcharts into ClassFlow.

Can I control my lesson on my smartphone or tablet?


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