1436 – PRM-25 RS232 control code commands

1436 – PRM-25 RS232 control code commands

Applicable to:

  • PRM 25

    PRM 25

The commands below should only be used by users who are familiar with using this method of operation.

Promethean’s support is limited to the commands outlined below.

RS232 Setting

User-added image

Minimum delay for next command: 1ms

Control Command Structure

The command is structured by the Header code, Command code, Data code and End code. Most of the commands are structured except some for the compatibility issue with other projectors.
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Control Sequence

The projector may send a return code after it received a command. If the command isn’t received correctly, the projector will not send the return code.

Operation Command

The operation commands execute the basic operation setting of this projector.
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Remote Command

The remote commands simulate the code sent from IR remote handset.
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Set Value Command

User-added image

Data Range

User-added image

NB: Data range may be different for different models

Example 1:

Adjust Brightness value to 100

Send Command : ~sB100[CR]

Example 2:

Adjust Color Temperature to Warm

Send Command : ~sT2[CR]

Query Command

User-added image

Response message

User-added image

Example 1:

Get Brightness value

Send Command : ~qB[CR]

Response : 100

Example 2:

Get Color Temperature

Send Command : ~qT[CR]

Response : Warm

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