1565 – Getting Started with your ActivConnect

1565 – Getting Started with your ActivConnect

Applicable to:

  • ActivConnect G Series

    ActivConnect G

  • ActivConnect OPS G

    ActivConnect OPS G

To ensure that you can instantly get started, your ActivConnect is preloaded with educational apps and tools to complement your lessons. The following apps and tools are featured on your ActivConnect home screen.

ActivConnect Icons


Android Icons


Home Screen

The Quick Launcher is on the home screen with default shortcuts to: Opera Browser, Promethean App Store, Webcam, ActivCast, ClassFlow, Help and Impression Gallery. Like any Android device, you have unique press and hold options.

Additional bubbles can be added. Pressing and holding in the middle of the Quick Launcher until a popup appears allows you to add a bubble, change your wallpaper, prevent modifications and adjust preferences.

Press and hold on a bubble in the Quick Launcher until the Edit icon popup appears. You can select Single tapDouble tap or Remove the bubble.fig5

You can use the pink menu button to go back to a previous screen, easily return to the home screen and launch additional apps. It is always accessible and can be placed anywhere on the screen; simply tap and drag to its new location.



As with any Android device, you can swipe in four different directions, each allowing you to uniquely navigate the ActivConnect.

1.    Swipe from the top down to access Android settings and notifications.
2.    Swipe from the bottom upwards to access the Android toolbar.
3.    Swipe from the left edge of your screen to access installed apps, arranged by category.
4.    Swipe from the right edge of your screen to access Android widgets. This screen will be empty until you add widgets.

Quick Launcher Bubbles


1. Opera Browser

ActivConnect uses Opera as its default web browser. To use the browser, select the Opera bubble.

2. Promethean App Store

Open the Promethean App Store to browse and download curated educational apps and games.

3. Webcam

Connect a webcam to the ActivPanel, and ensure that all devices are powered on and working properly.
Select the Webcam bubble to begin setup, and once configured, select Start if the webcam doesn’t automatically display a live feed.
Your webcam must be compatible with Android 6.0.

4. ActivCast

To mirror devices to the ActivConnect, you must first begin the mirroring process by selecting the ActivCast bubble. You must also verify that the ActivConnect and the mirroring devices are on the same WiFi/local network.

Follow the instructions in article 1532 to mirror your screen using ActivCast.

5. ClassFlow

Use ClassFlow to access your ClassFlow account where you can create and deliver lessons, assessments and assignments to your students. Learn more and join for free at ClassFlow.com.

6. Help

Use the Help bubble to access the ActivConnect support page at any time.

7. Impression Gallery

Select the Impression Gallery bubble to access all your images and videos, and use the menus at the top to browse, access settings and change display options.

Select an image and use the menus in the top right corner to share it and display further options.

Pink Menu Button


A. Back

When working on the ActivConnect, not all screens provide you with a Back button, so this is a helpful feature if you need to return to a previous screen.

B. Home

The Home button allows you to quickly return to the home screen.

C. Promethean Whiteboard App

The Promethean Whiteboard App allows you to instantly turn your classroom display into a blank interactive canvas. You can then use its built-in annotation tools to write or draw while presenting a lesson. For more information, please see article 1699.

D. Screen Capture

The Screen Capture tool allows you to easily capture screenshots of anything displayed on your screen. The screenshots will be imported automatically into the Promethean Whiteboard App where they can be used as objects.

To use the Screen Capture tool:

  • Display on screen whatever you wish to capture.
  • From the pink menu button, select the Screen Capture tool.
  • The Promethean Whiteboard App will open with the screenshot on the canvas.
  • Use the Promethean Whiteboard App tools to interact with the screenshot (annotate, move, resize, etc.).

If you prefer to add screenshots to the Impression Gallery, use the Screenshot tool on the Android toolbar by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

E. Annotate App

The Annotate app is perfect for quickly annotating over anything that is displayed on your screen. For more information about this app, please see article 1728.

F. Timer App

The Timer app also contains a clock and a stopwatch, and is a useful tool during assessments and class activities. For more information about the Timer app, please see article 1729.

G. Spinner App

Use the Spinner app to randomly select items from the built-in templates, or create your own personal lists. Please see article 1730 for more information.

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