1677 – What is ClassFlow Desktop?

1677 – What is ClassFlow Desktop?

Applicable to:

  • ClassFlow


  • ClassFlow Desktop

    ClassFlow Desktop

ClassFlow Desktop is a software application that can be installed on Windows or Mac.

Once installed, you can deliver interactive lessons without having to prepare content in advance. ClassFlow Desktop can be used as an Instant Whiteboard application and offline lesson builder. Anything on your desktop becomes material that can be shared with students (internet connection required). You also have the option of logging into your ClassFlow online account, giving you quick access to your ClassFlow resources.

With ClassFlow Desktop you can:

  • Create a new lesson, activity, or assessment, with no internet connection or login required
  • Convert a flipchart, SMART Notebook, or PDF to a lesson
  • Launch and interact with applications on your computer
  • Use the Instant Whiteboard as a ‘front of classroom’ application and save your session
  • Create shapes and use the tools within the toolbox to enhance lessons
  • Use the text recognition selector to convert annotations
  • Capture an image, video, or audio recording of your lesson
  • Connect to your ClassFlow online account to search and upload resources
  • Connect with an existing Class or choose not to
  • Share an image of your desktop with all connected students, or with selected groups or individuals
  • Run polls and evaluate results
  • Deliver Lessons, Assessments, and Activities from My Resources to an existing Class, or an Ad Hoc session

Students can:

  • View content you share with them on their devices
  • Respond to Polls and Assessments
  • Complete Assessments and play Activities from their devices
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