1680 – What is the difference between an ActivInspire flipchart and a ClassFlow lesson?

1680 – What is the difference between an ActivInspire flipchart and a ClassFlow lesson?

Applicable to:

  • ActivInspire


  • ClassFlow


The main differences between an ActivInspire flipchart and a ClassFlow lesson are listed below.

ActivInspire flipchartClassFlow Lesson
Flipcharts are created in the ActivInspire applicationLessons are created in an online, cloud-based platform
Flipcharts can be converted to ClassFlow lessonsClassFlow Lessons cannot be converted to ActivInspire flipcharts
Content is added to a flipchart pageContent is added to a Lesson card
Internet access is not required to create or use an ActivInspire flipchartInternet access required to create and deliver a ClassFlow Lesson to a class
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