1694 – Can I use ClassFlow if my students don’t have access to tablets or computers?

1694 – Can I use ClassFlow if my students don’t have access to tablets or computers?

Applicable to:

  • ClassFlow


While tablets or other personal student devices (such as smartphones) enable a highly interactive experience, teachers who do not have access to these devices in their classroom can still use ClassFlow to create lessons and share those lessons with the class.

ClassFlow lessons can be presented on any interactive display, such as Promethean ActivBoards and ActivPanels, and students can interact with the display to take part in activities or complete assessments.

Teachers can share their lessons and access content created by others via ClassFlow Marketplace, provided they have an internet connection and there are no restrictions on sharing resources in their ClassFlow environment. 

Teachers can also create assignments for their students to complete after class using their home computer and a ClassFlow Student account.

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