1696 – What is the difference between a Class and an Open Class?

1696 – What is the difference between a Class and an Open Class?

Applicable to:

  • ClassFlow


Lessons can be delivered either to a specific Class or as an Open Class (no specific class). When deciding which option to choose there are some important differences you should bear in mind.

FeatureDeliver Lesson to a ClassDeliver Lesson to an Open Class
Share cardsYY
Run pollsYY
View poll results during sessionYY
Save poll resultsYN
Deliver lesson-based assessmentsYY
Save assessment resultsYN

The Open Class feature provides a quick way to connect student devices for unprepared lessons, Instant Whiteboard sessions, and when connecting student devices through ActivInspire.

Delivering a resource to a Class is preferable to an Open Class, as all the results will be saved. Any changes to a lesson made in Presenter and delivered to a Class do not affect the original lesson.

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