1697 – How do I add students to a Class?

1697 – How do I add students to a Class?

Applicable to:

  • ClassFlow


  1. Verify with your system administrator that your system allows you to add students to Classes.
  2. Log into your ClassFlow account and select Classes.
  3. Select the Class and verify that the Class List Type is Teacher Generated. (You cannot add students to a Student Generated roster). Click the cog on the relevant class and select Edit Class Details. The Class List Type will be displayed.
    User-added image
  4. From the cog, select Add Students.
    User-added image
  5. Select Add Students and enter the first and last names of each student, then click Save.
  6. Alternatively, click the Copy/Paste icon and paste in an existing list. A sample list is provided in the paste area. If the students’ first and last names appear in the wrong columns, click the Switch Names icon to swap them.
  7. Select Save. An alphabetical list of the students will be displayed.
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