1718 – How do I copy and paste an image onto a card in Lesson Builder?

1718 – How do I copy and paste an image onto a card in Lesson Builder?

Applicable to:

  • ClassFlow


To paste an image from a web browser or other application onto a card:

  1. Copy an image to your clipboard, by selecting the image and using:
    PC – Ctrl+C
    Mac – cmd+C
    All operating systems – right click and select Copy
  2. Paste the image onto the card, by selecting a card and using:
    PC – Ctrl+V
    Mac – cmd+V
  3. Resize or reposition the image, if desired. The image will be centred on the card at the original size, or scaled to fit the card.

Drag and drop an image:

  1. Open your file browser (Windows Explorer, Mac Finder).
  2. Drag and drop the image file onto the lesson card.

Note: PNG, JPG, or JPEG image file types are supported. If the file is not one of these three file types, you will see a red indicator and the file will not be added to the lesson card.

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