1720 – How do I add a Google Doc to a ClassFlow lesson?

1720 – How do I add a Google Doc to a ClassFlow lesson?

Applicable to:

  • ClassFlow


  1. Open your Google Doc in a browser and copy the sharing link. You may wish to adjust the privacy settings so that anyone with the link can view the document.
  2. In a new tab, open ClassFlow and select Resources.
  3. Select New.
  4. Select Webpage URL, at the bottom of the list.
    User-added image
  5. Paste your Google Doc sharing link into the URL field. Enter a title and cover image (if desired). Complete any other relevant fields and click Save.
    User-added image
  6. Search Resources for your ClassFlow lesson, select it and click Edit Lesson.
  7. Click Insert, and then select the URL you have just created from your Resources.
    User-added image
  8. To add your Google Doc to the currently selected card, click Insert. To add it to a new card, click Insert in New Card.
  9. If necessary, reposition and resize the Google Doc on your card.

You will now be able to work on the Google Doc from one browser, and see the changes appear in your lesson, in real time.

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