1721 – How do I upload or convert files in ClassFlow?

1721 – How do I upload or convert files in ClassFlow?

Applicable to:

  • ClassFlow


The following file types can be uploaded and converted to ClassFlow lessons:

  • ActivInspire flipchart
  • SMART Notebook®
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • PDF

To upload a file, select Resources, select New and from the menu select File Upload.

When you upload one of the file types listed above, you will be asked if you would like to convert the file to a ClassFlow lesson.

  • • If you choose to convert your file to a ClassFlow lesson, your original file remains in its native format while a new ClassFlow lesson is created and immediately available for you to use in ClassFlow. This way, you can present your content whilst taking advantage of ClassFlow’s built-in lesson delivery features.
  • • If you choose to upload your file without converting, the file is stored in Resources. PowerPoint presentations and PDFs can be delivered to a class and will be shown in a Document Viewer.

Note: A flipchart, SMART Notebook®, PDF, or PowerPoint presentation can be easily converted to a ClassFlow lesson at any time from Resources, by selecting the file and clicking the Convert button.
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