1726 – How do I create a class in ClassFlow?

1726 – How do I create a class in ClassFlow?

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  • ClassFlow


To quickly send lessons and other content to your students, we’d recommend creating a class.

Click Classes and click New. You can import a class from Google Classroom, or you can manually add a class in ClassFlow. This article will explain how to manually add a class.

  1. From the menu, select Add a Class.
  2. Enter a Class Name and any other details.
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  3. Choose between a Student Generated Class, or a Teacher Generated Class by reading the description of each and selecting the one that best suits your students. Click Choose and Create to continue.
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  4. Your class will be created, and you will see the Class Name in the panel on the left-hand side, and below it, Class List. Click Class List for detailed instructions on how to connect your students.
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  5. If you selected a Student Generated Class, students need to register for a ClassFlow account using the same URL you used to create your own account, e.g. https://classflow.com/ or https://classflow.co.uk/. They will then be able to enter your Class Code to join your class.
  6. If you selected a Teacher Generated Class, you will need to manually add your students’ names to the Class List. Click Add Students and then enter each student’s first and last name, before clicking Save. The list of names will be displayed, along with your Class Code.
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  7. You can now present your lesson, and students can join using your Class Code.
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